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Unleash your energy in an eco-friendly way !

Take advantage of the sun's power to recharge your electronic devices on the move.

This compact, lightweight panel is designed to provide an energy-efficient solution to your charging needs, whether you're hiking, camping or simply on the move

Versatile technology for modern nomadic living

Our multifunctional solar panel is equipped with integrated USB ports, so you can simultaneously charge multiple devices such as smartphones, tablets, cameras and much more.

Its foldable, portable design makes it the ideal companion for anyone with an active lifestyle.

Maximum autonomy, optimum performance

With exceptional solar conversion efficiency, our panel guarantees fast, reliable charging.

Rugged and ready for adventure

Constructed from durable, weather-resistant materials, this solar panel is ready to take on all the challenges of your outdoor adventures.

Whether you're in the mountains, on the beach or in the heart of nature, stay connected while respecting the environment.


Puissance solaire : 40% de réduction = 7,2 W. 50% reduction = 9W 60% = 10.8 W

Input : 5V-1A

Output : 5V-1A

Material : plastic abs externalization soft leather

Color : black

Single-crystal silicon chip with 85% conversion rate

4 pcs 45x15.5x3cm

5 pcs 55x15,5x3,5 cm

6 pcs 69.5x17.5x4cm

6 pieces come with USB port, no cable, no compass, no USB cable !

The product must not be immersed directly in water for cleaning !

Use when the product is not rechargeable.

Keep the product out of the reach of infants and young children.

Please store the product in a cool, shady place to avoid prolonged exposure to the sun !
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